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Renting Villas in Jordan. Is it Worth it?


Villas are widely available in all the cities of Jordan, lots of projects are being set up in all the governorates of the kingdom to sell separate villas or villas in residential complexes. These projects are continuous in the new neighborhoods.

According to some studies, the income of most of the citizens who live in new villas is more than JD 2,000 a month, which makes them able to bear the burden of paying the high prices of villas, and that indicates that villas is the number one choice of people of high- income in Jordan, many Jordanians who live in their small separate houses in rural areas consider them to be their small villas. Villas' areas and prices in those rural areas are totally different from those of the new modern areas in the kingdom, particularly in Amman and in the rich neighborhoods in each city.

There are lots of contracting companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, that work on constructing villas, some of these companies prefer to sell the villas without dividing the inner spaces, and without the finishing and the decorations, so that the buyer can divide it the way he wants, and choose the decorations according to his taste and needs. So if the buyer wants to lease his villa, he can divide it the way he wants and lease it to the Arab or foreigner expats. And there are many complexes that contain villas in Jordan, especially in touristic regions like the Dead Sea and Aqaba, advanced services are available in these projects like different sports' facilities, cleaning services, fire systems, monitoring, maintenance, swimming pool, parking lots, and other important services. These complexes are usually closed, which means that these services and facilities are just for the residents of the villas in the complexes.

Most villas in these complexes consist of at least 3 bedrooms, and they are sort of small.



Are there Many Villas for rent in Jordan?

Most villas in Jordan are for sale, but you can find a few number of villas that are for rent; because most of those who come from abroad prefer to own a villa or an apartment to rent one, rental prices of apartments are really high especially in the rich districts, so you can imagine how high the rent of a villa is!

Many people who live abroad rent their villas while they are travelling because they don't like leaving them empty, reasons and purposes differ from one owner to another. There are investors who rent their furnished villas for really high prices; they rent them for a month, two months, or three months.

These villas are perfectly suitable for a family that came from abroad for a month or two to enjoy staying in Jordan for a while.

We recommend you to be careful when you choose your villa, and to make sure that the furniture is clean and the facilities are adequate before signing any contract.