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Jordan has witnessed a rise on the territory of the recent price which has become a natural matter because of the difficult political and economic conditions of the region. These increases have affected both residential and commercial lands while the desert lands still have the same prices.

The common point between all the Jordanian provinces in general is that as close as you get to the city center, the prices get higher. So there is a difference in prices in the neighborhoods and commercial areas comparing with the suburbs. Let’s take the capitalAmman as an example, in which the prices of real state are increasing clearly comparing with other provinces. As known that Amman is divided into two parts; East and west Amman. In east Amman- which includes older and deep-rooted neighborhoods, there are also new ones such as Hay Nazzal, Dahiyet Al- Aqsa, Dahiyet Al-Amer Hasan, Dahiyet Al- Yasmeen, and Dahiyet Al-Hajj Hasan in addition to some known mountains such as The green mountain, Al-Lwebdeh mountain, the castle mountain, Al Nuzha and much more. In those neighborhoods the prices are less than West Amman. But it doesn’t mean that the lands' prices are cheap – certainly not. Some of west Amman areas have witnessed a very clear rise in the lands' prices.

On the other side of Amman – which considered as new and high class neighborhoods such as Deer Ghbar, Al Kursi, Abdoun, Khalda, Tla'a Alali, Al Rabiye, Al Jubeiha, Sweifiye, and more – the prices are very high.


In Sweifiye for example, an 800 square meter land costs 1.100.000 JD while you can buy 5000 square meters with the same price in Al Salt in a very nice street such as – Al saro – which joins Al Salt with Amman.

The distance of 20 km makes a very big paradox in prices.

Lands' prices in Jordan

We will give an overview of some examples of the lands prices in Jordan with the beginning of 2014 starting from Aqaba. Let's talk about the ninth area for example, the price of 400 square meter land costs between 65000 to 70.000 JD, increasing and decreasing between one area and another.

Ma'an and Tafileh which located in the north of Aqaba, have less prices. Although there are desert lands in Ma'an which are suitable for building factories or farms. While the prices increase if you get closer to the universities and markets.

In Al Karak also there are high class areas such as Mirwid and Mu'tah – where the university is located – the lands' prices are getting higher as soon as you get closer.

The prices of lands in Ajloon, Jeresh and AL Salt which have fertile lands and suitable for agriculture, depend on the lands' location and its fertility. While the residential and commercial lands differ from one area to another. The same situation could be faced in the north of the kingdom as you can't guess the lands' price in general because it differs from one place to another.

On the other hand, many investors look for lands offered for sale on the outskirts of the provincهشم he outskirts of the provinceook for lands offered for sale on the outskirts of the province general because it differs from ial or on some roads that are expected a good future. Like what happened in Khalda for example, it was one of the far away areas before 50 years ago and no one cares about buying a land there, but now it is one of the prime areas in Amman and prices of its territory.