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Villas for Sale in Azarqah - Overview

Houses for Sale in Dair Ghbar

Many persons don't know that Azarqah has very beautiful real estate buildings, competing with those in Amman. Lamudi will answer some questions like where those villas exist, whether or not they are away from traffic and, of course, their features that those who want to buy or rent in Azarqah look for.

Most potential people who want to buy property in Azarqah look for apartments and residential buildings rather than houses. However, there are few people also looking for villas. Azarqah villas are different than those found in Amman, in an area like Airport Road for instance. They are much simpler and look more like houses that consist of one or two floors.

A house in Azarqah would be usually built on different spaces of lands. A house for sale in Azarqah would be built on 300-700 square meters. In case the land was larger than this, it would be for a palace or a large villa, or could be for a small villa surrounded by an empty land or a swimming pool.

Attractive Prices, Beautiful Properties


Before talking about prices of offered villas in detail, let's mention the real estate features in general which are very similar to Amman’s in terms of building style, architecture, internal and external decorations. When looking to buy villas, some of Azarqah residents look for affordable prices, while others prefer to build their own the way they like. And because the tastes differ, some people prefer to have several rooms while others like large spaces with no more than two bedrooms per offered house.

Regarding the prices of the year 2014, they are very suitable compared to Amman especially that they offer the same features. Nevertheless, prices are certainly much lower considering the ranges in West Amman. Although the prices have been increasing lately, they are still reasonably priced given that the small villa may cost no more than JD 80.000 (bearing in mind that this price would not be enough to buy a medium apartment in West Amman). . Finally, some large villas may cost more than JD 400.000.   

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