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Amman: the capital city of Jordan

Amman is the most Amman populous city in Jordan compared to the other governorates. It attracts many Arab tourists to spend interesting times and enjoy its fabulous nature, and non-Arab tourists to explore its history and archeology. Moreover, it is considered to be a civilized universal city where transportation means are widely available in main streets to carry passengers, in addition to the improvements and the projects that are being carried out. Moreover, there are many sport centers and places that serve different sports and athletes like "Al- Hussein Youth City" for example.

The Most Areas Known For Renting Villas In Amman

Most areas where villas are being rented out are in west Amman, that's because the areas in the eastern side are more crowded and less classy than the western side. Moreover, since the western side’ districts are newer, villas are more available there, like "Tla' Al-Ali", "Abdoun", "Dabooq", Deer Ghbar", "Al-Kursi", "AlSweifiyeh" and "Rabieh" plus some other districts as well.


The Cost of Renting A Villa


Real estate rents in general and villas’ rents in particular vary from one district to another and sometimes from one street to another in the same district. So, we can't estimate the exact cost of any villa until we know its exact location, its area, the area of the surrounding area, the decorations in it, the available services and whether its furnished or not. All these factors besides others determine the rent of the villa. By looking at the huge variety of available options in the capital city, we found that the rents of many villas are more than JD 100,000 a year, and this raises the question: isn't this amount of money enough to buy an apartment in a good place? The answer is:"yes", this is the price of middle –sized apartment in many other places, but living in an apartment doesn't suit people who look to rent a villa at all!


Things To Be Taken Into Consideration When Renting In Amman

There are many things that should be taken into consideration when renting a villa in the capital, the most important thing is the availability of services and facilities in the area, since in Amman there are new districts and relatively old ones.Some of these services include the availability of water, electricity, sewage networks and if it is easy to get gas. Another important thing is how close the area is to transportation means, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, etc…

Fortunately, there are many local and international markets that meet the needs of Amman residents, like Carrefour, Spinneys, and Sameh Mall, in addition to small markets that provide a variety of goods at reasonable prices. Moreover, there are lots of parks and entertainment places in the capital, so that the residents can change the daily routine, enjoy their leisure times and have lots of fun.

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