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Enjoy One of The Most Beautiful Views in Amman

villa for sale in Um Alsumaq

If you haven´t visited Um Alsumaq before, then you need to reconsider because it is known for most Jordanian residents as it is very close to the largest malls in the Kingdom. Um Alsumaq is also near Al Madinah Street, Mecca Street. It has the City Mall and Mecca Mall. That's what gives its villas beauty, luxury, and uniqueness.

With no doubt, the most beautiful and luxurious villas and apartments for sale are found in this neighborhood. Valuable stones and decorations add to the beauty and elegance of the existing residential buildings. Most of what is offered for sale are empty villas, but, in case they were furnished apartments for rent, then the most beautiful types of furniture are to be found. In addition to its location that looks over Amman. All the above-mentioned factors led to price increase in recent years. Most of the villas are more than 400 meter large, with very good facilities. Um Alsumaq is the place to be for wealthy, high-income businessmen.

Why The Big Demand on Buying Villas in Um Alsumaq?

Um Alsumaq villa sale

Although villas in Um Alsumaq are relatively expensive, they are for sure elegant and well designed internally and externally. Most of its real estate properties are modern, built using the precious Jordanian stones. So, the prospective buyer won't regret looking for his / her dream villa in Um Alsumaq.

Many Alsumaq residents prefer to deal with the best interior design companies when building their own houses, even if it costs them ten thousands JD, in order to have a nice place to stay; seeking psychological comfort, and a relaxing life. Moreover, many people prefer to have gardens and swimming pools. Not only this, they also prefer to have villas on a high mountain so they enjoy the nice view.

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