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Is It Worth Living In An Apartment In Tlaa Al Ali?

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Tlaa Al Ali is considered to be from the popular neighborhoods here in Amman. The majority of the Jordanian citizens know this district and know what it has to offer. There are several neighborhoods in Amman where people consider them elegent and luxurious like Abdoun, Dair Ghbar and Tlaa Al Ali belongs to this group as well. This neighborhood has many elegantly designed buildings that include modern apartments that many people are looking for.

One of the most famous markets in this area is "Al-Sultan Market" which offers Tlaa Al Ali's visitors a variety of things that might not be available in other districts in Amman.

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The location of this attractive district is very vital and lively; since it is very close to all the essential services and some hospitals are within good reach as well. All these factors made the real estate market very desired and demanded.


Many people look for apartments to buy or rent in this nice neighborhood. This reflects the good impression that Amman residents have about this district. Many beautiful apartments are available here in different regions, so you will undoubtedly find what you wish for. You have to decide the budget, the best location for you, the floor, the needed services, that will make your search much easier.

Many apartments here in this neighborhood competes with the best districts in Amman in terms of luxury and elegancy. Districts like Al-Kursi, Abdoun or Dabouq might have more elegant and expensive apartments due to the high price of the lands there. For example, an apartment that is offered for sale at a price of JD 90,000 here in Tlaa Al Ali, won't be found less than JD 140,000 in a neighborhood like Al-Kursi, this is considered a psoitive thing for the people looking for apartments for sale in Tlaa Al Ali. This is due to the fact that many people wish to live in a beautiful apartment in an affluent neighborhood, but can't afford the high prices and rents in places like "Al – Kursi" or "Dabooq".

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