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Enjoy Tabarboor´s Simplicity

Land Sale in Tabarboor

As Tabarboor is considered an elegant neighborhood in East Amman, it faces a huge demand on its real estate properties, especially the apartments, then lands, commercial shops, and finally the villas (which are rare).

Whatever your requirement is, it would be found in Tabarboor because it is a well known commercial neighborhood and contains huge commercial markets such as Tariq Mall, Carrefour, Samih Mall (The largest hypermarket in Jordan), Popeyes, KFC, Little Caesar, in addition to the famous sweet shops like Al Sahl Al- Akhdar and Al - Nejmah sweets. There are bakeries and clothing stores too. For all these features, the investors are encouraged to have lands for residential buildings.

The most beautiful about Tabarboor is that it contains old and new real estate properties, new and crowded lanes especially in Dahiyet Prince Hashim (which is part of Tabarboor). All the buildings in these areas are new somehow; not more than 10 years old and have small markets too. Regarding the lands, they are widely available and suitable to be residential or commercial. So if the buyer intends to have an empty land, then the chance is big.

Benefits of Buying Land in Tabarbour

Land Sale Tabarboor

As usual and before buying a land, the buyer should first examine the respective location. Many of them are close to services and streets lead to main and important ones. Safe investment in Tabarboor starts by buying a land, waiting, then selling. This way, the investor collects good benefits easily. While buying an apartment or villa doesn't give the same benefit. So, don't keep your capital inactive, but you need for sure to ask the experienced persons in this field.

Reminder: Some investors advise you to buy land in Tabarbour as a good investment but never be in a rush even if it is cheap because you may not be able to sell it after some years. But investment in Tabarboor is different because it is active, especial, and desirable neighborhood for the residents. It may require patience to get more money so look for a trusted real estate agent.

Photo Attribution: Land Rover MENA - Flickr