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Apartments for rent in the best area in East Amman:

Apartments for rent in Tabarboor

Tabarboor is one of the best neighborhoods in Amman to buy a flat or rent one, as it is the first choice when thinking of living there. You may be Jordanian or visiting from abroad for a vacation or just looking to move houses. The area situated in the East of Amman, Tabarboor is a city of its own. What distinguishes Tabarboor is the activity of its main street as it has been visited not only by its residents, but also by who lives around. That's because it offers many services such like the clothing and shoe stores, restaurants, and large malls such as Carrefour, Tariq Mall, and Samih Mall which is the largest hypermarket in Jordan. An added advantage of living here is the markets are also found in the main streets as well as the most beautiful real estate between its lanes, buildings primarily and villas come in the second place. Also, it is close to many other beautiful neighborhoods such like Abu Alia and Dahiyet Prince Hassan which are considered beautiful comparing with the Eastern neighborhoods. The main streets that lead to this district, which are the most famous in Amman; The Martyr Street (joins Al Zarqa' Highway) and Yajouz Street. While Almashaghil Circle and Tabarboor Traffic Light are the most important exists.

Renting in Tabarboor!

Apartments for rent in Tabarboor

As known that the real estate prices have been raised lately either for selling or renting; so the rental price of many flats has raised from 150 up to 250 for the middle flat. The general price range in East Amman for a middle-size apartment tends to be between 250 - 300 JD/ per month “prices in December 2014”, and it may increase more and more in the few coming years.

Furnished apartments are also available in this and reasonable prices compared to West Amman, such as, Abdoun. So that, the investors think of Tabarboor in order to invest in this field, they want to own a good flat, and develop the services. Also, adding a new & good quality of furniture in case they want to list it into furnished apartment for rent. The spaces are also different in order to fit with the family members, starting from studios with 40 meters up to more than 300 square meters. Regarding the rental price of a small furnished flat, it starts from 300 JD monthly and could be more, while the large furnished flat may cost 400 JD and may be more expensive in some areas.

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