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Why Tabarboor?

Apartments for Sale in Tabarboor

Nowadays, Tabarboor is being the heart of activity in Amman. Almost everyone from Amman or even outside the city is considering moving to Tabarboor. Many people want to rent an apartment in this district. On the other hand, some people tend to settle down for a long-term plan and look for apartments for sale. With Lamudi we hope we can help you to find the right apartment for you and your family! The area located in the middle of everything, it is very convenient to go around Amman. Also, it has many restaurants, coffee shops and it offers affordable lands, villas and apartments.

In the Last few years, the real estate market is flourishing this offers the buyers to find several options that fit their needs. However, this impacted the property price which is constantly rising. Comparing Tabarboor to west Amman’s areas, such as, Abdoun, Alabdli, etc. For instance, Lamudi found that the buyers can find a studio apartment that has 80 meters, up to apartments consist of 300 meters, other flats are 2 floors it's more than 500 meters. Sure, prices are different from place to another according to different standards as: the location at the foot of the mountain, space, floor number and the finishing's. After collecting all this information you can know the apartment price.

The Most Wanted!

Many people asked us, what are the most selling apartments? And why?

We noticed that the most selling one which is between 110 meters and 140 meters, and can cost between 40 thousand JD and 60 thousands JD. Many people prefer to own nicely-size apartment based on the size of the family. This increased the demand for small apartments and medium-sized apartments since it is affordable.Apartments for Sale in Tabarboor For that, many investors knew this and tried to build buildings with small flats. Moreover, the area offers several services and facilities to suit the modern-life-style.

Since an increasing number of the population in this district, there must be a lot of services available to suit the buyers modern lifestyle, such as, good finishing's and new modern decorations. In addition, most of the buildings offer: parking lots, elevators, and sometimes some additional services as security guards, alarm systems, heating systems, fire protection and rolling shutters windows, etc.

As soon as you decide how your dream apartment looks like, Tabarboor is your correct choice.

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