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Shafa Badran, The Place To Be!


Same as any other neighborhood in Amman, there are old lanes in Shafa Badran while others have become the first destination for those who know Shafa Badran well. It is located north of Amman and has been the home of many well-kown families like Alodwan tribe apartments in the neighborhood for a long time.

Although the neighbor is not in a prime location, it is quite, elegant and has many luxurious palaces, villas, and buildings. There are many modern apartments in old refurbished buildings that attract young families looking to rent apartments in Amman.

Overview of the neighbourhood:

The neighborhood has many services, in addition to the famous University of Applied Sciences that attracts Arab students that come to study from abroad. For this reason, many Jordanians rent their flats to students. It`s better to have a car to move around and get to the city, otherwise one can use public transport as well.


Modern Apartments in Shafa Badran

There are many options for those looking to invest in buying a flat in Amman. The increase in demand has had a remarkable affect on the prices in the past couple of years. New apartments in Shafa Badran provide the basic services needed by the buyer, and certainly a good investment. Let's take a new 150-meter-apartment as an example, it can cost between JD 50 thousand and JD 70 thousand. And it contains a small garden if it is a ground floor. Although some apartments don't have additions except for the ceiling decorations, but they are expensive because of their location in Shafa Badran.

On the other hand, there are some parts of Shafa Badran that have apartments with several additions at competing prices. This kind of apartments is what the buyer look for, so it needs good search through Internet, agents, and friends to have your dream apartment without paying over your budget.         

Photographs from Lamudi