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Beautiful Location in West Amman

Apartment Rent West Amman

Marj Al Hamam – where all the services are available, transportation methods are made easy, and all kinds of real estate properties are to be found. This is due to the fact that it is the largest area in West Amman, which increased the demand to buy apartments in it, by foreigners and Jordanians alike. Even the old residents of Amman, they think of moving to Marj Al Hamam when considering buying a home in Jordan. Basically, residents of Al Hamam area consider themselves lucky to have found a house there.

It is a valuable chance to rent an apartment in Marj AL Hamam, also because it overlooks many areas including Jerusalem. So, many people prefer their furnished apartments to be located on high hills in order to enjoy a magnificent view, comparable with the views of the apartments rented in Abdoun, giving them a feeling of tranquility and peace of mind. Accordingly, rental prices in this area are increasing but people are generally willing to pay more and take advantage of the above-mentioned view.

Diversified Options Appealing to All Tastes and Budgets

Rent Apartment in Marj Al Hamam

It is better to call it Marj AL Hamam “area” not “neighborhood” because of its large space which gives the tenant different options. Lanes at Marj Al Hamam are diversified; some are elegant and modern with high prices, while others are commercial and close to most services. Nevertheless, there are some areas that have become public and old-fashioned relative to others, which are still affordable for those who look for low rental prices.

You can find residential buildings with high quality of services, mostly in the modern areas of Marj Al Hamam. Let's take Green Land Project as an example, it is about 400 acres and contains the most beautiful villas and real estate properties in Amman. And it is suitable to be rented for the high-income seekers.

As the prices are getting higher in Amman as a whole, this increase is reflected on the apartments for rent in Marj Al Hamam as well. So, what was rented for JD 100 before a few years, has been doubled to be for JD 200 as of 2015. Finally, there are many elegant neighborhoods surrounding this area such as: Hai Alsahabeh, Albynat and Wadi Alseer.

Photo Attribution: Christine und Hagen Graf & Iris - Flickr