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Marj Al- Hamam, Your New Home!

Apartments in Marj Al Hamam

When looking at apartments for sale in Amman, it is obviously noticeable that apartments are the most prevalent and the most demanded in this district, what does that indicate?

Residents in this area – which is not considered to be new in spite of the classy neighborhoods in it-, are so attached to it, when tenants here want to buy their own apartments, they only search in the same beautiful district they have been living in; like if there was a connection between Marj Al – Hamam and its residents. Let alone the huge number of expats from abroad who search for beautiful apartments in the neighborhoods of this attractive district.

Most people here are of upper and middle classes of the society, and those prefer apartments to all other real estate kinds, investors and real estate companies realized this fact and that's why we find that huge number of apartments and so many new buildings under construction, all of these buildings contain apartments of different spaces and specifications offered for sale or rent. This is the main reason for that high demand on apartments here.

Another important factor and an overwhelming  advantage is the location of this district; you can see lots of magnificent and priceless views in many regions here, moreover; this district contain a huge number of different neighborhoods and lanes to meet the needs and demands of all different society classes.

Apartments for Sale in Amman

Buy an Apartment at a Suitable Price.

Prices in this district vary a lot, but in general, they start from JD 40,000 for a 120-square-meter apartment to 90,000 till the end of 2014, and may reach more than JD 150,000 for spacious apartments. It is your choice and your call; you can search here according to your budget.

Apartments' specifications depend on your budget; an apartment with attractive interior decorations is at least JD 10,000 more expensive than an apartment without such decorations, another factor that affects the price to a high extent is whether the building has an elevator or not, and a garage as well. As for the additional specifications, some people are very interested in them, like: air conditioning, central heating in all rooms of the apartment, some people even prefer under-floor heating in order to control the temperature especially during freezing cold winters, in addition to shutters on all windows for privacy, and recently, electric shutters have become more and more demanded.

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