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Khalda – Where Ends Meet

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With no doubt, Khalda is known for its elegance. So, where is it located? And what are the most important landmarks in it?

Location: Khalda is located in West Amman, surrounded by Um Alsumaq, Tlaa Al Ali, Dabouq, and Al Gardens. All these neighborhoods are as beautiful and active as Khalda. Not only that, but prices of apartments for rent in Al Gardens and Um Alsumaq can be similar to those here too.

The most important services and landmarks in Khalda: Montessori School, Qaqish Church, Amman Arab University, Arab Bank Traffic, Amman Academy, Amman International School, Alma'arif School, Khalda Circle, Alia Central Restaurant, Nour ala Nour Lightning, Sedeen Hotel, Big Khalda Mosque, Elite Circle, and many  others.

Buy Your Dream Apartment in Khalda

Rent Apartment Amman 

Apartments for rent in Khalda are varied, either empty apartments or big, furnished flats. Hence, a flat in Khalda would naturally meet the requirements of foreigners and Jordanian residents alike. As the case with all other apartments, most furnished apartments are relatively more expensive than the average flats in Amman, as they are equipped with extra facilities, electrical devices, modern furniture and many other advanced features.


In order to rent an apartment in Khalda, the tenant needs to take the following aspects into consideration, such as: the location within the neighborhood, the age of the building, apartment size, the condition (furnished or unfurnished), and of course the monthly budget he or she is willing to allocate. As mentioned above, apartment prices in this neighborhood are considerably high due to the central location and the added services. Below is estimation for the rental prices in the beginning of 2015:


Apartments' prices in Khalda:


- Studio: 250 – 450 JD, Medium: 350 – 500 JD, Large: 400 – 700 JD


-Studio: 150 – 300 JD, Medium: 300 – 450 JD, Large: 350 - 650 JD
Photo Attribution: TNS Sofres & nurrs&berries - Flickr