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Why Should I Choose "Khalda"?

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The ideal location of this affluent district in the middle of other classy ones is a great advantage. It is surrounded by "Um Al – Summaq", "Tlaa Al Ali" and "Al Gardens" and it is close to some of the biggest Shopping Malls in the capital city of Amman.

This fine neighborhood gained its good reputation due to many factors, some of which are:

Because of the previously mentioned advantages many people prefer this district compared to other ones in Amman.

Many foreign workers who come from the US and Europe are interested in looking for a property in this neighborhood. The prices here are good, the area is to some extent more quite than many other districts and it is not difficult to find a property here.

This nice neighborhood provides its visitors with a vareity of options like; apartments, villas, separate houses, lodges and fancy hotels. Many students look for small-sized apartments in this neighborhood due to the existence of many universities here.


Buy The Most Beautiful Apartments At Competitive Prices

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Apartments here are always in demand not only by Jordanians but by whoever comes from abroad looking for a luxurious apartmentsLands' prices vary a lot in this place, and that of course affects the prices of the apartments too.

We can't estimate the price of an apartment here unless we know all the specifications (the area, the finishing, the location, how close it is to the services and facilities…etc), but in general, the price of a big apartment in a beautiful area that is far from the poplated areas and the markets will probably cost more than JD 100,000.

A Little Advice:

If you are interested in buying an apartment in this fine neighborhood, you have to determine what you really want in details; the area, the location, the services you need, the extra facilities you wish for and finally your budget. Then you should compare all your options and consult the experts before signing any contract.      

Take your time and don't rush!

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*Prices are calculated in 2014