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Apartment in Khalda | Lamudi

“Khalda“, Where One Can Find Absolute Peacefulness

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The most beautiful real estate and the best services are found in this fine district. You can look for apartments, villaslands, commercial and residential properties, offices, clinics and different shops, stores and markets. The reason behind the growing demand on the properties here is its vital and ideal location; since it is close to some other attractive and affluent districts in West Amman like, "Tala Al Ali", "Um Al- Summaq", "Dabooq", and "Al Gardens". The most important street here is "Wasfy Al Tal" street.

This is the main street but there are many other vital streets in this beautiful neighborhood like “Amer bin malik – the companion - " street – which crosses " Wasfy Al Tal " street - and there, one can find various stores and markets, restaurants, fancy cafes, in addition to some schools and "Amman Arab University".

Apartments here – just like apartments in all other districts of West Amman are abundantly available and highly demanded; especially by the expats who come to Jordan either to visit it or work in it and they may stay in Jordan for long times. Many people who come from abroad look for lodges too in some of the exquisite hotels here like : " Zamzam towers "and " Sadeen Hotel ". Students also usually find this distrcit very comfortable and suitable and close to the services they need, all these advantages made the real estate market in this district highly desirable and always in demand.

Big Availability of Apartments in Khalda

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If you start searching for your apartment in this extraordinary district, we don’t think you will need to search anywhere else; since you will absolutely find whatever you need here. Apartments are widely available in different areas and excellent finishing in all the lanes of this magnificent neighborhood, and most importantly, if you live here you will always be close to the essential services, markets and malls.

In case you are searching for a rental apartment, your options are numerous and various and at reasonable prices for such a luxurious district. The annual rent of a 170-square-meter furnished apartment is about JD 8,000,000 plus that the furniture in most of these apartments is very modern and comfortable.

The prices of the apartments are continuously increasing, and they differ from one area to another, depending on the advantages and disadvantages of each one, but apartments' prices in general are considered to be high in some regions and even higher in others.

And because there is chocking traffic jam in this district most of the time, people prefer buildings that have parking lots, so keep that in mind when searching for your dream property.