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Why Should I choose "Jabal Amman"?

jabal Amman

You should choose Jabal Amman due to the availability of needs and wants that any residents may need. These are hospitals, schools, embassies, shopping centers and much more.

This neighborhood is considered to be part of Eastern Amman which is known to be less luxurious than Western Amman but still nevertheless, it is considered to be one of the beautiful districts in the capital city.

One of the main things that attracts people to settle in this beautiful district is that is extends on a very famous street "Al – Zahran Street"; lots of other districts in the surrounding seem to be now closer because of this street. Moreover; it connects "Jabal Amman" with lots of other main streets.


Rent in "Jabal Amman" and Get Absolute Convenience For Free

Apartments are available in lots of neighborhoods here in abundance, and each neighborhood is distinguished and different from the other ones, the best thing in this district is that it is very huge; and that’s why all different kinds of real estate are widely available.

Because of what we mentioned, we can't estimate the price or the specifications of any apartment there; they are very different, but you will undoubtedly find what you look for here.


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Rental apartments are divided into two kinds:

This kind is desired by Jordanian residents or visitors who intend to stay in Jordan for a long time, and the newlyweds because most of them intend to live in the apartment for at least 5 years.

There is a huge disparity in apartments' rents here, the rent of an empty apartment in one of the old neighborhoods here won't be more than JD 100, while the rent of the same apartment in a new neighborhood won't be less than JD 250 a month in this year 2014.

Visitors and tourists prefer this kind of apartments, and most of these are found in the new and modern regions in this district, the rent of a medium sized furnished apartment is more than JD 350 a month.