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To make a long story short, here are a few of the most important aspects why Hai Alsahabeh is the place to go for the perfect apartment you are looking for:

Location: This factor is always the most important aspect when it comes to selecting among real estate properties. The location is very magnificent and witnessed high demand in the past five years. Alsahabeh is located directly on the Airport Street. It is bordered by Daheyet al Nakheel from the west, Hai-Alkarama from the north, Hai-Duheer from the northwest, Daheiet El Yasmeen from the east, and Albnyat from the south.

Quietness: It is a very quiet neighborhood, so it is a good chance to enjoy summer in Amman from the apartment window or the garden without being disturbed by traffic noise, making it an attractive residential area.

View: Hai-Alsahabeh has some nice landscape surrounding it, which adds to its tranquility and comfort.

Services and fame: The most important landmarks in this neighborhood are: Everest Hotel & Spa, Palm Palace Restaurant (in Hay Alsnoubar), Naour Bridge, and Prince Hussein Bridge. It is also close to Samih Mall, Almanaseer Gas Station - which has different services, in addition to the universities on the Airport Street.

Design of the residential buildings: Such buildings in the elegant areas are usually designed in a very artistic and modern manner using the most precious stones.

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Important to note is that the existence of villas among the residential buildings gives Hai-Alsahabeh an additional beauty because of the design of the villas and their surrounding gardens. Most villas consist of only two floors and a roof.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, apartment prices in Hai Alsahabeh can get relatively higher than some of their counterparts in close neighborhoods like Daheiet El Yasmeen and Airport Road.

Apartments for sale in Hai Alsahabeh are generally well equipped, and have elevators, private parking, and heating. Moreover, some of the offered homes have extra facilities like geothermal heating, electric louvers, sound insulation among other things.

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