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Luxury and Class in Dair Ghabr


Prices for villas have been increasing lately which greatly affected the overall rental prices across Amman, for areas like Abdoun or Dabouq. But the question is; is this price increase justified? The answer is: yes. This is mainly due to the fact that the wealthy segment in Jordan like to distinguish themselves from others by looking for luxurious houses for sale in Dair Ghbar. Accordingly, those who live in Dair Ghbar have a life which most residents in Amman dream of.

The most beautiful houses can be found in Dair Ghbar that compete with luxurious houses worldwide. Because of the different features these residential properties have (including different kinds of stones used in building, in addition to the Jordanian stone and other mixed valuable ones). That, in addition to the elegant internal and external decorations. The location of Dair Ghabr is special as it offers a nice view over the capital. Naturally, all these aspects led to the above-mentioned increase in prices when buying  or renting a villa in Dair Ghbar

Important to note is that the prices of houses or apartments in higher floors in this area would likely include the cost of having a nice view of the city as well as the cost of the elegant location. This is an important information to keep in mind while choosing to buy an apartment in Dair Ghbar

Price Variations Allow For More Options


The offered villas for sale in Dair Ghbar are many, either newly built or even furnished villas, which are the most expensive, but rarely available. Some of them contain modern furniture and imported masterpieces, which gives the villa additional price. Moreover, the villa space and the surroundings increase the property's price as well. Empty houses are better for the buyer so it can be furnished the way that fits the individual's taste. Some of those looking to buy a villa here go for a smart kind of trade by buying a furnished house in Dair Ghbar to spend a short period of time then offering a villa for sale in Amman later on. This way gives additional benefit and free housing. According to prices in Dair Ghbar for 2014, small villas may cost more than JD 350,000 while the large villas will cost more than million JD.

Photo Attribution: Sherwood CC - Flickr