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The Apartments’ Market in Dair Ghbar

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Do you want to buy an apartment in a wonderful neighborhood? If yes, "Dair Ghbar" is considered to be one of the best and most luxurious districts in the capital city of Jordan. That’s why it should be one of your first options when looking to buy or rent any property. Many Jordanians as well as foreigners search in this neighborhood for apartments to rent and they do not only look for apartments but also for other kind of real estate like "villas", "lands" and commercial properties sometimes. They are completely aware that they are searching in an expensive area. So, they are completely aware that whatever they buy or rent will cost a bit more than when they look to buy or rent a property in another neighborhood! This area is distinguished by its quietness and tranquility, which most people prefer and desperately want more than anything else. In addition to its ideal location close to many other beautiful districts like Abdoun and AlSweifiyeh.

It is expected – in light of what has been mentioned – that the apartments’ rental market witnessed a huge increase in demand in this district by Jordanians and even from other Arabs that come from different parts in the Arab World. Many of them search here for furnished apartments to spend their summer vacations, holidays and feasts. A very important factor that attracts people to this area too is the beautiful nature of Amman in general; even foreigners who come to Amman to work at international companies or embassies look for furnished apartments to rent in this district.

High Demand on Renting

There are many real estate projects that are being carried out by investors in the real estate field like furnished and empty apartments, for rent and "for sale". More investors are investing in this field to meet the demand of the increasing number of residents who wish to live in a fabulous, beautiful building and most importantly well served district like this one. Investing in such area is very safe and lucrative, keeping in mind that apartments are way more demanded than villas.

We have to mention that in spite of the huge demand on real estate, the supply is enormous as well in all regions of "Dair Ghbar". The reason behind this is because of the increasing number of investors in the real estate field in general as mentioned before and this is considered a blessing for buyers because they will have a variety of options to choose from.

What People Look For

Apartments' specifications that are desired by this district’s residents are: excellent finishing, attractive decorations, a beautiful exterior and the essential services like : the elevators, parking lots, heating systems, electrical shutters, air conditioning…etc. Some renters prefer areas that are far from the main streets in this district since they are quieter and less crowded.

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