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Prestigious villas in Dabouq

villas for rent in dabouq

While wandering through the streets of Dabouq, one can’t help but notice that most of the real estate properties are villas. Villas in Dabouq are not only offered for sale, but there are also for rent. Moreover, the districts surrounding Dabouq are very elegant as well, such as Al Hummar, Khalda, Um Alsumaq, and from the west Al Fuheis.

First of all, when looking for a villa in Dabouq you are comparing between the most beautiful and high-priced villas in Amman, so the budget you are willing to allocate matters. Many of the owners rent their villas for a minimum of six to twelve months and some of the furnished villa owners rent them monthly.

Some villas in Dabouq have several features that distinguish them from others, especially when it comes to the design of the villa and the stones used in building. Important to note is that the stones used in these villas are among the best kinds, whether they are Jordanian or imported. In many cases, these well-known stones are one of the main factors encouraging prospective buyers to consider purchasing the villa.

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Price variations for Villas

Prices for villas differ from one villa to another and from one lane to another. The concept of ‘modern villa’ or ‘smart home’ has become a main demand for most of the residents: These properties enjoy all kinds of high quality services, where everything is made easier through the use of smart devices and electronics. Accordingly, prices vary depending on the available facilities and the elegance of the surrounding.

Regarding the rental prices in Dabouq at the end of 2014, unfurnished and small villas are rented for not less than JD 1500 /month for a period of no less than a year. While the big villas are rented for more than 2000 JD /month. As for furnished villas, the rental price depends on the quality of the furniture (including how modern the furniture is). A small, furnished villa is rented for a price of JD 2500/ month while the big ones cost more than JD 3500 monthly.

Prices are calculated in 2014
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