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The Extremely Attractive Villas in Dabooq

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When wandering between the villas in this magnificent neighborhood, or when seeing some photos of them while surfing the real estate websites on the internet, without doubt you will be completely dazzled by the beauty and the luxury of them. Dabouq is really famous for its abundant villas and the majority of villas without any exceptions are luxurious and unbelievably attractive. So, if you are considering buying one of these villas, you should be aware of everything related to the specifications, prices and the purchasing power of the real estate in this neighborhood.

First: The Interiors and Exteriors Of The Villas In Dabouq

All villas here are decorated with the most amazing decorations and designs and of course, most of the people wish to live in a very attractive villa from the inside plus having a nice view on the outside as well, so that it reflects a good image of its residents. A very important thing to keep in mind is that the number of rooms should be determined according to the area of the villa, having a parking lot for two cars at least is very important for most of the people. It is also essential for some people to have a garden around their villa whcih you may find in villas in high class districts like Abdoun, Al-Kursi, , Dair Ghbar. The interior and the exterior designs, the decorations, the finishing, the quality of the material used while building and other things of the kind are very important and usually asked for when buying a villa; like the water pipes, the plumping and the electricity. It is also preferable and even safer to have a warming system instead of using the traditional heaters and fireplaces.

It is worth mentioning that there is a new feature that people like very much, which is controlling your house using your smartphone! And it is becoming more and more popular; since it makes everything luxury villa way easier and more comfortable. Having an elevator is very important as well, especially for old people and because it makes the buildings look more appealing. Most people prefer to have a swimming pool in the garden along with other services like central heating, air conditioning, a maid's room, a laundry room, a store, a guard's room, electric shutters…etc

Prices' Overview:

Peoples' needs and desires vary a lot (especially in this district). For example, some of them look for the largest areas to live in, the best specifications and all the services we mentioned. These people should be aware that the price of such villas won't be less than JD 2,000,000 depending on the location of the villa and the parcel on which it is built on (Dabooq parcel is the most expensive)

The price of a medium-sized villa (about 1000 square meters) on a 600-square-meter land won't be less than a million, if you want to have all of those services included. You can find cheaper and smaller villas at a price of JD 500,000 as a minimum.

Pictures credit: Flickr
*Prices calculated in 2014