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There is No Place Better Than Arjan in East Amman.


Although many areas in East Amman are public and crowded, Arjan differs in its location and real estate properties. It is somehow similar to the West Amman neighborhoods. This area is known for its central location and proximity to most famous and active streets, like Al Shaheed Street, Zarqa Highway, Al Istiqlal Street and Jordan Street. Most of Arjan’s real estate properties consist of apartments more than villas, some offered for rent while others are sold.

Arjan neighborhood is located on a mountain that has the most beautiful view of the surrounding areas. Hence, if you prefer to wake up on a nice view from your place, you have to look for an apartment in the center of Arjan. So take your time when selecting the most suitable apartment in terms of location and available facilities.

Buy Your Apartment in Arjan Now


Many of the buildings in Arjan are old but there are also modern buildings with beautiful designs and nice finishing. So, you can actually find apartments similar to those in the most elegant districts in Amman. This district is actually considered to be one of the relatively modern neighborhoods in East Amman. There is a clear difference in prices between Arjan's apartments and those found in West Amman, so it is a suitable chance for prospective buyers with limited capital to buy an apartment in Arjan soon.

The apartment price is determined by its space, modernity, and available facilities. According to the year 2014, the medium-sized apartments cost between JD 50 – 65, 000. Naturally, the apartment price increases the larger the apartment is. It is important to take into considerations that there is an expected price increase for apartments in this area in the coming years. Some people think of it as a good chance to buy not to rent, as the average apartment rent costs not less than JD 250 per month.

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