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Best Chances for the Temporary Residence

studio apartment

For tourists and students from outside the country and for the different segments of the society, we produce a residential choice for you with best services and less prices and in the place you choose. If you want to stay for a month, hotels are very expensive even if they supply many different services. There is a big difference between hotels and furnished studios, we will explain it for you:

You can rent a small or big studio in many different places

Many people are searching for studios to rent maybe for more than 6 months, and they choose it close to their works locations. Here there are a lot of studios in Ammanthat are between 30-50 meters, the majority of them are for rent but you can still find some for sale. That does not mean that there is no big studios, you can find the big ones starting from 70 meters and more.

studio apartment

Here are some prices details according to their places:


Don't rent these kinds of apartments via internet or phone, do it preferably face to face with someone you trust, to check up the furniture quality.

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