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Apartments in The Capital City of Jordan

Apartments in Amman, How long their prices will keep rising? apartment interior

As noticed, the number of residents in Amman is rising because of the instability and insecurity that happened in the region. Many people came to the capital city looking for security and safety. So it was the best choice and the most beautiful one.

The migration of many Arabs to it and the price raise of oil derivatives and other basic materials led to an increase in the apartment prices in the city and therefore, the high demand on apartments led to an increase in supply. Many new buildings are being currently built in Amman and all of its neighborhoods which adds more value to the city and will help ease the property market prices a bit.

Although there are a lot of apartments that are offered for sale, nevertheless the prices are still increasing, what a strange matter! As it is known in the real estate industry; that when the apartment supply increases, the prices should decrease. But seems that this doesn’t apply in Amman.

Many real estate agents expect that this rise in prices will continue even in the upcoming years. Any person that have enough money and is intending to buy an apartment is advised to hurry up and buy it soon in order not to get surprised after few months that what costs 80.000 JD nowadays would cost 90.000 JD in few months. This is very likely and expected to happen very soon. The answer to "how long the apartment prices will keep rising?“ Nobody knows.

The Most Beautiful Apartments are Offered for Sale in Amman

2 bedroom apartment

The figures and statistics show that many Iraqis bought 337 real estates in the first two months of 2014 and 132 real estate properties were bought by Saudis, while Syrians bought 84 properties. Most of these real estate properties are apartments including furnished & unfurnished apartments, serviced apartments as well as luxury apartments.

Many investors in this field say that demand on apartments remain high and added that many customers look for new neighborhoods and areas that are still not overpopulated in order to find comfort and to get away from the noise of cars, sellers, and sometimes traffic. On the other hand, there are citizens that look for known and high class areas inside Amman despite the traffic that they may face sometimes in distcricts like Abdoun, Hay Al-Snouber and areas on the airport road. Apartments' prices vary depending on the services provided, so many companies are known by the fantastic finishing and by adding choices that encourage the customer to have it such as heating "underground" , electric louvers. In addition to the finest paints and good drainage. All of these matters – which some think they are simple stuff but they encourage the customer to buy. With no doubt, these additional services affect the apartments' prices. Some flats could cost more than 200.000 JD while others can cost 120.000 JD with the same size and in the same neighborhood but with different features. Finally, the choice is yours.

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