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You Will Never Find Better Than Al-Kursi's Apartments

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Many districts are competing for first place in terms of elegancy, but till now Al-Kursi is placed as no.1 between Amman’s districts. Many citizens search for luxury apartments here in this neighborhood. Now the question is; What is the main reason that gives Al-Kursi its brightness? And what are the specifications that make people think of living here than living in other districts?

Apartments here are considered distinct in all aspects, starting from the finishing added to the apartment to the available spaces and other services that will be mentioned later. The most remarkable thing in this region is its expensive prices compared with other districts in Amman.

We would also like to say that nobody can judge this district's prices as too expensive before visiting it and looking at its exclusive apartments. Anyone can notice or discover that the prices of real estate propeorties are high due to the high proportion of sophistication in this neighborhood. Therefore it is necessary to visit and enjoy the beauty of its buildings and the luxury of its modern apartments, villas and the cleanliness and organization of its streets and docks.

Examples Of Apartments’ Prices Compared With Their Specifications

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After seeing a lot of apartments offered in our sight, we find clearly that the prices of apartments which are bigger than 130 square meters start from 90 thousand Dinars, and this amount increases depending on the location of this apartment. Let's take an example, one of the apartments is about 325 square meters, consisting of 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, ground floor, its displayed price is 325 thousand JD. That means 1,000 JD per meter and perhaps this apartment is considered too expensive, although they added only some ceiling decorations. The reason for the high price is that it is located in a very lively and commerccial area within this neighborhood.

On the other hand, you may find some of the corners of the neighborhood containing apartments with excellent prices and very competitive. Such apartments are usually 150 square meters big and they usually cost in the range of 93 to 94 thousand JD and enjoy all of these qualities:

First Floor consists of three bedrooms - three bathrooms - master room - Salon - Living Room - servant Room - Kitchen - Heating - central air conditioning - Double glass - Shutters - luxurious interiors - Super Deluxe finishing - Elevator - Garage - location - a magnificent view.

When comparing these two apartments, you will find that the prices in Al-Kursi are good, in spite of the continous rise in prices. Sometimes the multiplicity of options is for the benefit of the customer. So no need to fear just thinking about such areas, search well and you may find your dream apartment in the best neighborhoods in Jordan without overspending.

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Prices are calculated end of 2014