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Rent Apartments in special neighborhood


Apartments for rent are widely available in Al Gardens with several options either empty apartments, studios, furnished flats, or even duplex. The choice depends on each individual's requirements, needs, and the rental price.

Why to choose Al-Gardens?

Al Gardens is a very active neighborhood including its market and quiet residential buildings, that are also offered for sale. Although most of  the buildings in Al Gardens are old, this doesn't mean that the apartments are old too. Actually, many of its apartments look like those luxurious ones in West Amman. Moreover, all options are available in Al Gardens, whether the old or new buildings. What distinguishes Al Gardens from other elegant neighborhoods like Abdoun and Dabouq is the prices as the monthly rental price for 2014 is about 300 JD, which is hard to find in Abdoun and Dabouq.

There are some services in Al Gardens that are not available in any other neighborhood such as the brand stores, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, and others. All of these factors increased the demand to rent in Al Gardens. In addition, this neighborhood is close to the main important streets in Amman. 

Same as other neighborhoods, renting apartments may vary in terms of spaces from one building to another. However, all apartment variations are available: small apartment, medium- or large apartments, empty, or furnished. This gives whoever wants to buy or rent in this neighborhood the chance to choose the suitable price and the preferred area.

Save the chance to rent in Al Gardens


As mentioned above, Al Gardens is very lively and full of services as there is no house away from a supermarket for example. For that, the rental prices have been increasing this year as no medium-sized apartment could be found for less than JD 250 per month.

One of the most successful investments in the real estate field is renting furnished apartments. As a result, many owners furnish their empty apartments to be rented for students for example. That's why the 2014  prices increased as a 25 square meters studio costs more than JD 350 monthly but it is fully equipped with whatever the person may need.   

Photo Attribution: Digo_Souza & Matt - Flickr