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High Demand on Houses in Airport Road

house for Rent in Airport Road

The Airport Road is very large and passes through many beautiful neighborhoods, where modern apartments are available, similar to those rented flats found in Marj Al Hamam or Dair Ghbar. All these neighborhoods have high demand on their real estate properties because of their acknowledged features, elegance, quietness and good location.

Furthermore, the apartments in the Airport Road are usually magnificent with modern features. As most of the residential areas are new, this road still has land offered for sale. In addition to that, some parts only constitute of villas, like Hai Alsahabeh or Rajum Omeish, with mostly villas and palaces and only a very few number of apartments.

A Variety of Options For All Tastes

Real Estate for rent in Airport Road

Furnished apartments are also available for foreigners and students in most of its areas especially that they are close to the universities (for example Petra University in Albnyat, Alquds College, Middle East University, and Alisra' University): Apartments for rent in Airport Road are located conveniently, with only 20 minutes’ drive to most universities.

Just like in most neighborhoods, apartment spaces vary from one building to the other. You can find studios (for one or two persons), empty and also furnished apartments, depending on your allocated budget. As of 2014, rental prices start from 150-200 JD for empty flats, while furnished apartments may cost more than 300 JD per month. Moreover, unfurnished, medium-sized apartments with more than two bedrooms, cost around 280 JD, while the furnished ones cost around 380. As for the large flats, which are fewer: Empty flats cost up to 400 JD, while the furnished ones are for about 600 JD. All these aspects vary according to the specific preference of the tenant and the rental price he or she is willing to pay.

Photo Attribution: Michael Golub & John Hickey-Fry - Flickr