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Rent a Villa in "Abdoun" and Enjoy Your Life!

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The huge increase in villas' prices in general across Jordan affected the villas' rents in "Abdoun" as well. The question is: are villas here worth that huge increase in their prices? The answer differs from one person to another; some people find it reasonable others find it irrational.

It is obviously noticeable that in this district one can find villas that can't be found anywhere else because of the perfect specifications that distinguish them from others. The breathtakingly beautiful stones used in decorations, the designs, and the sophisticated tastes of the architects and the engineers led to this positive reputation of the villas here. This is in addition to its ideal location and magnificent views; all these factors led to that huge increase in rents and prices.

It is worth mentioning that villas located on hills and mountains are more expensive than the normal ones on the ground. This is because lands' prices have a positive correlation with the villas built on them. In addition to the areas and the specifications which affect the rents to a large extent.

Prices and rents in "Abdoun" vary a lot even between areas that are very close to each other. This is because some lands belong to a parcel that is way more expensive than another parcel right next to it. Real estate traders know all of these details and they are familiar with the divisions by Amman Municipality and the Department of Lands and Survey, so, make sure before checking any villas for sale to consult with the industry experts.

Prices Vary A Lot In This Splendid District

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Villas’ rents here vary a lot according to some factors. The most expensive ones are the furnished villas which most of the time are furnished with the nicest, classiest and most expensive furniture. Of course the area of the villa and the surrounding area around it, its location, its specifications and how close it is to the essential services and facilities, contribute to or affect the rent price a lot.

Unfurnished villas are available as well and are always in demand, especially by visitors who come to Jordan to spend a month, three, six or even a year.  The monthly rents here start from JD 1,500 and sometimes can reach more than 10,000 Dinars! Such rents can only be paid by really wealthy people, but this amount of money is not very huge compared to the rents of some villas that belong to some hotels where the daily rents of these royal villas can reach more than JD 15,000 a day!

If you look for a villa to buy or rent in this expensive neighborhood, then we recommend to have a car, so that being a little far from the services won't be a big deal. Finally, life in Abdoun is very different so if you can afford to live here, don't hesitate!

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*Prices are calculated in 2014