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Abdoun Villas, Are They Worth Their High Prices?

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Recently, villas’ prices in Amman – in general did increase dramatically but the question is: Are they really worth it? The answer is absolutely YES. One can find villas in Abdoun that can never be found anywhere else across Jordan because of their high specifications that distinguish them from other villas. For example, the excellent Jordanian rocks used in building and decorating these villas, in addition to the fine art, the stunning designs and the attractive exteriors created by the reputable Jordanian engineers plus the distinctive location of the neighborhood itself where one can enjoy marvelous views. All of these advantages led to this high increase in real estate prices.

Amman has many mountains and valleys and accordingly, lands' prices vary a lot; so you can notice that the prices of lands that are on foothills are way higher than the prices of the lands on the valleys. So the location of the villa affects its price a lot, in addition to the services available in it and its area beside some other factors as well to be taken into consideration which might affect the price as well.

In "Abdoun", prices vary a lot even between areas that are very close to each other, and this is due to the reason that the land on which a villa is built might be more expensive compared to other lands. Real estate specialists know these differences in details very well. Another important factor is the category of the neighborhood, Amman municipality is calssifiying the districts into different categories depending on their welfare. "Category A" is the highest category and Abdoun is categorized as a "Category A" district.



Amazing Villas Are Offered For Sale in Abdoun

As we mentioned, the villas' prices and specifications differ a lot but they all start from around JD 700,000 to extremely high price, and that is according to the land area on which the villa is built, its location and its specifications. The price of some villas here is more than JD 7,000,000 (about 10,000,000 dollars); this amount of money is enough to buy a castle in other areas.

Many rich people look for luxurious, large and well-equipped villas, the price of such villas can start from JD 12,000,000 or even more! Don't be surprised, there are people who are willing to pay that amount!

Many investors, senior-position employees and businessmen live in Abdoun villas. Others prefer to live in castles in more quiet and less crowded districts to avoid the traffic. Due to the increasing number of residents and visitors to this neighborhood, the government and the Amman municipality are exerting more effort to organize the traffic, clean the streets and make the distrcit matching its good reputation across Jordan.

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