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Overview on Abdoun's Apartments’ Rental Market

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Abdoun has always been known for its luxurious buildings and recently, the number of its splendid classy buildings increased as never before! People come to visit this beautiful district either to enjoy the beautiful views and the creative architecture or to go to one of the fine restaurants and cafes which the neighborhood is famous for. As for people who look to rent in this district, most of them are rich and wealthy. Many students from abroad who came to study in the Jordanian universities (like: University Of Jordan, Al-Zaytoonah University, and Petra University) look to rent studio apartments in this district. They usually prefer sharing an apartment than living in a dorm that is close to their university.

Whomever knows Abdoun well enough will not be surprised with the prices of real estate there. The rents are a bit expensive in middle and high- class districts across Amman. So, prices are expected to be a bit high in a district like Abdoun compared to a distrcit like Jabal Amman for instance. Moreover, One can find many impressive villas and stunningly attractive buildings that can never be found in any other district across Amman. So don't be surprised if you see a 60-square meter apartment offered for rent at a price of JD 7,000 a year, which is more than JD 570 a month. This amount of money is enough to rent a whole area which is more than 150 square meters in a beautiful district like "Tla Al Ali" for example. Moreover, if an unfurnished apartment is more than 200 square meters its rent won't be less than JD 20,000 a year. Such prices are totally worth it in a neighborhood like Abdoun!


The Perfect Apartment

There are specific things that should be found in the perfect apartment, which is widely available small apartment in Abdoun’s apartments. First and foremost; the rent should be reasonable. Secondly; it should be comfortable, properly equipped, and its infrastructure should in a good stand; meaning that there shouldn’t be any problem in water, electricity, and sanitation as a prerequisite for any apartment. The availability of parking lots is also important and the internet services as well. All these facilities and more are easily available in the apartments in this area. Furthermore, the prices are high but they are reasonable in a district like this one. In addition to the fact that Jordan in general and Amman districts in particular are secure and safe.

The reasons behind the high rents in Abdoun besides finding luxury buildings in its real estate market is that here you will absolutely find comfort, tranquility, shopping centers, nearby schools, universities, and mosques, and so many other services which saves you time, effort and fuel.

In light of what has been mentioned, put a list of the advantages and disadvantages of every apartment you visit in this district that will help you a lot while choosing the right apartment. Without doubt, we all wish to live in a district which provides all of that.

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*Prices are caluclated in 2014